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Project Description
This project is a codesmith set of templates that create js, html and mvc server side code, to be used in a jqgrid -html grid implementation pointing to a single database table (or view).
The code includes pagination and server side sorting.

Jqgrid is a great jquery extension that provides an ajax-enabled fully customizable interactive table based on server side data. However, the actual coding can be a bit tedious and cryptic. This project provides a template base approach that basically performs two tasks:
1. creates a client side code snippet that setups the grid with all the proper column settings.
2. creates a server side c# code snippet that fetch data from the db using linq2sql  data context, and output sthe code in the proper json format for feeding the client side grid. The server side code allows for real time sorting and paging. This code is fully tested inside an asp.mvc application, and is based in a minor refactoring of the code that can be found on this article

How does it works?
The templates are written in code smith, the well known template generation software. There is a free version that can be downloaded here:
You only need to setup the tool to point to the desired database and table, populate the parameters and generate...
Future enhancements will include data updating inserting and delete.

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